Le Petit Paris – an imperishable charm

A masterfully composed blend of the traditional charm of the Parisian bistros with contemporary catering and gastronomic trends make Le Petit Paris an ineluctable place of numerous visitors from all over the world, who come time and again, as though enchanted by the refined style, offer and service.

Le Petit Paris opened as far back as 1927. From its very beginning, it was a hugely exciting and well-known place, enjoyed equally by bohemians, world travelers, passers-by and hedonists alike. Throughout the years, hardly anyone remained indifferent to a seductive mix of intimate atmosphere, a pleasant ambience, select music and, above all, an exceptional gastronomic offer, that characterize this place. The rich, original, well-composed menu is bound to satisfy even the most demanding guests, whether they’re out for local, traditional dishes, or either French, Italian or Balkan cuisine.

Fresh domestic food and the way it is processed make for a special quality and attractiveness, a composition of sophisticated taste in which even the most demanding guests will enjoy. In addition, the wine list is impeccable.

In its rich history, Le Petit Paris remained one of the most prestigious restaurant of our capital, standing out as top favorite spot not only for it’s ambience, great location and unique offer, but also for it’s guests. Among the numerous visitors one could encounter members of the diplomatic corps, famous bohemians, distinguished guests from the world of culture and art, famous doctors and lawyers, politicians and random passers-by.

It is, and always has been, the place where generations gather and where the spirit of the “other house” is diligently nurtured, a place of the intimate, exciting and relaxed atmosphere. Looking at today’s Belgrade, which inevitably succumbs to changes, losing one landmark place after another, Le Petit Paris lives on its name and its tradition, as one of the rare symbols of this city to achieve so – a place to meet and gather, a place of fellowship and friendship, intimacy and love. By blending and nurturing all the past and present-day values, Le Petit Paris undoubtedly meets anyone’s criteria and captures hearts of all who visit. Come and see for yourself!