Preparing a meal is sufficed by having a kitchen. Making it tasty requires experience. But having the taste linger long after – and a smile in its wake – takes that certain something… a kind of subtle secret.

In one of the prettiest and most discreet nooks of the city, in the vicinity of Slavija square and park Manjež, a cosy and delectable place welcomes strangers and regulars with equal flair.

Since its very beginning, in 1927, the restaurant has transpired the distinct, perennial allure of Parisian bistros and lounges from a bygone era, which lingers still, even after the latest of redecorations. It rays through everything we do.

Little Paris has been around for roughly nine decades, seamlessly acquiring experience, ever consistent in refining its style. Dim lights, soft music, affable waiters and above all great food and a wide array of drinks and spirits from round the world render the ambient irresistibly sophisticated, laid back and enticing, all at once.

An international cuisine, predominantly French, Italian and Balkan, the menu that pays equal respect to both tuna sandwich and continental breakfast, offers no prejudice towards either “Pljeskavica” (the Hamburger), Foie Gras, a Grilled Octopus or Beef Tatare, and no partiality toward either Wiener Schnitzel or Pork Escalop “Karađorđe”, coupled with an excellent selection of wines, promises to satisfy even the daintiest of appetites, making us a reliable venue for a lunch or a dinner, a business meeting or a date.

You would be most welcome to find out for yourself what all the fuss is about.





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Birčaninova 17, Belgrade, Serbia | +381 11 3621496